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Xiamen hotel price adjustment fund is beginning to recover collection to turnover for the standard from 1st,Nov

Date: 2012-11-01

This day, xiamen will restore to the hotel, hotel, guesthouse, hotel, hotel and so on collection of price regulation fund.And in the past to the customer different collection, the direct to the businessman collection, with turnover for the standard.At the same time, the collection of expanded to the wholeentertainmentIndustry.Among them, the lodging class collection of 2% of sales, entertainment,cateringClass collection of 1% of the business turnover.

Reporters from xiamen price bureau learned that this year October 1, xiamen suspended the hotel, hotel, guesthouse, hotel, hotel rooms, such as industry levying passenger room 4% of the price regulation fund, stop the hotel industry in the accommodation on the invoice open "the price regulation fund" collection project.In the pause for a month after collection, xiamen will from this day onwards recovery collection of accommodation industry price adjustment fund, the collection standard construction according to 2% of the business turnover collection.