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2014 the parade of the spring flowers in xiamen theme exhibition on February 2nd costumes

Date: 2014-01-20

China on January 27th The reporter learns from xiamen city in fujian province tourism bureau, in 2013 the parade in xiamen in xiamen bo yuan a complete success, xiamen, the seventh this year Spring Festival parade will be on February 2, 2014 - February 17 (i.e., January 3 to 18) held in the garden, garden, the parade to "ode to energizes xiamen, a beautiful young Chinese kyushu" as the theme.
The parade in the minnan traditional culture element in 2014 at the same time show the diversity of regional culture in xiamen and inclusive.At the same time, the visual impact, energy conservation, environmental protection, interactive participation, technological innovation, seek the new breakthrough, for visitors to present a collection view lamp to admire the view, interactive entertainment as one of the lights and the big world.The parade will display chy-tech 109 units this year, chy-tech arrangement are mainly distributed in garden exhibition bo yuan main island, a total area of 76 hectares, is divided into display area, folk customs area, children's amusement area, water chy-tech exhibition exhibition galleries, government and enterprises and so on six big exhibition.It is worth mentioning that the participation of the republic of the Philippines and taichung city this year will, with characteristics of lanterns in xiamen the parade for the first time.The Philippines is brought about by the characteristic "the star light", is "yuan yuan" chy-tech taichung city.