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The sixth strait BBS will be held in xiamen on June 14

Date: 2014-05-05

China Taiwan network on May 14, the Beijing news Xiao-guang ma, spokesman for the Taiwan affairs office said Monday that the channel BBS will be held from June 14 this year, a week, the main venue in xiamen, in fujian other place also hold some activities at the venue.The preparatory work has been started, and goes well.This BBS has 73 units on both sides of the Taiwan strait to co-host, will adhere to the concept of "skin" on both sides of the Taiwan, continues to revolve around "to expand people-to-people exchanges and strengthen bilateral cooperation and promote common development" of the BBS theme, and "harmonious development and happiness on both sides of the" BBS main topics of the conference, to strengthen "at the grass-roots level and the folk, highlighting the people's livelihood", reflect BBS, grassroots and generalized.Arranged the conference activities, communication, cultural exchanges at the grass-roots level, economic and trade exchanges four big plate, a total of 18.
It is understood that the BBS to highlight the following characteristics: one is the brand activity design innovation, and temple fairs will be held on both sides of the characteristics, "the village, heart to heart" fellowship and other civil activities, and promote the nostalgia and affection.The second is to strengthen grass-roots community social interaction and youth groups, new increase the livelihood of the people on both sides of the Taiwan straits started communication series of activities, promote community, social work, social, youth organizations on both sides of the Taiwan broad participation and interactive cooperation.3 it is to pay attention to the effect of economic and trade cooperation, will be held in homeland BBS, on both sides of the Taiwan strait financial BBS, BBS and dongshan, kinmen and penghu island development and a series of activities.Four is frugal pragmatic do meeting, this BBS will streamline activities project, highlight the effect of BBS.On behalf of the organizers welcome people from all walks of life in Taiwan, especially the grassroots to participate in the event.
Held a press conference today, the Taiwan affairs office of fujian southeast TV reporter please introduce the straits this year, a spokesman for the preparation of BBS, xiao-guang ma made the above statement.(China Taiwan network Zhou Jian)