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Shijiazhuang to xiamen airlines in September will be opened

Date: 2014-08-13

Hebei aviation September new shijiazhuang xiamen direct route The early fares 4 fold up sales
Shijiazhuang visitors travel to xiamen to nanjing transit will become history, will "direct flights to xiamen" next month.September, hebei new shijiazhuang to xiamen airlines direct flights, round-trip flights to 2 class every day.
At present, the xiamen airlines only a flight every day between shijiazhuang in hebei, flight time almost four hours.
NS3226 go flight number
Though xiamen take off, they arrived in shijiazhuang.
NS3225 round-trip flight number
"Shijiazhuang, they arrived in xiamen.
And every Sunday, hebei airlines will increase a flight.
After flights encryption, hebei airlines xiamen shijiazhuang daily round-trip flights will increase to 2 classes, on Sunday as the class 3, the original flight to xiamen - nanjing - shijiazhuang, additional flights to xiamen on September 1 - shijiazhuang direct route.
Xiamen fly to shijiazhuang flight number for NS3264, models for 190.
Flight schedules as follows: 21:05 off from xiamen, drove to shijiazhuang;
Shijiazhuang fly xiamen flight number for NS3263, models for 190.
Flight schedules as follows: caught off from shijiazhuang, 20:05 arrived in xiamen.
We have learned, to give back to the passengers, the early days of hebei air shipment from xiamen to shijiazhuang routes forty percent (oil) on sale.We have learned, from xiamen to shijiazhuang one-way full price is 1700 yuan, the carry out since early sailing fares as low as 680 yuan.
Shijiazhuang is the capital of hebei province, hebei province politics, economy, science and technology, finance, culture and information center, has a long history and beautiful scenery.Shijiazhuang city is located in the central and southern hebei province, bordering on hengshui east, south and xingtai adjacent, west neighbour to Shanxi Province, north border with baoding, 270 kilometers away from the capital Beijing.